Hunting Goes Cyber

NX_deer_hunter_rifleHunting forums are a great place to update your knowledge base about hunting. The tips and tricks posted can come to your aide at any point of time. And you can also learn a lot from the experiences of your fellow hunters. Thus, you can easily avoid the mistakes which others committed. And it’s not just about our benefit. Even we can post our experiences and thoughts on the forum and let others take full advantage of them.

The tips I read in some of the hunting forums were really effective. One of them was that deer hunting is most effective at dawn or dusk because at this time of a day, the deer is most active. One more was that it is better to find the food source of the animal. You are most likely to trap it there. The third was to find trail marks of land animals. They can give you good idea of the places the animal visits very frequently. Fourth was to buil a really good set of notes. Your quest for a hunt can easily weaken your memory. The fifth tip I came across was to keep the body movements to a minimum. Impulsive body actions can easily scare off of the animal. And the most important tip- Be Ready. Hunting is an exercise where a moment of inactiveness can cost you a prey.

The two most visited hunting forums are that of deers and ducks. In Deer hunting forums, you can find information regarding all the different species of deers like Whitetail, Mule, Moose, Elk, etc. In these forums, discussions about the different weapons used for deer hunting are also carried out. Weapons like Bow & Arrow, Rifle, Muzzleloader and Shotgun are taken up. Deer hunting forums are also a good place to sell off your hunting equipment. Here you can directly communicate with the buyer and bargain the rates. No third-party interference at all. You even get a chance to read about the different recipes of the deer. Discussions about different hunting spots also take place.

There are bear & wolf hunting tips and stories with tons of pictures. Duck hunting forums are similar to deer hunting forums. Only difference is that ducks are the topic of discussion in the former. Also you can talk about goose hunting in here. You can even play online hunting games in these forums. They act as a perfect simulator for the actual activity. Photo sharing is a very popular feature of duck hunting forums.

So we can easily see that hunting is no longer just an on-field job. There is a lot which goes in it off-field as well. And this is happening due to the advent of internet. The hunting forums provide an excellent opportunity to expand the fun of hunting. They are also responsible for growing number of local hunters. The e-presence of hunting is all to be seen!

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Tips in choosing the best goose hunting guide

There are so many goose hunting guides that can help you have a good time with your goose hunting experience. These people are those who have already collected several years of bird hunting behind them. They are reliable  since they have already gained a ton of knowledge where the birds are to be found each season, where their exact locations are and what are the best strategies to use to trap the geese.

These generally are not bad rules for choosing any guide.  Hunting various game requires specialized skills in some cases, but there are a lot of overlaps that are pluses whatever you are hunting!  Before choosing the best goose hunting guide, check out these tips to help you create and enjoy the best hunting season of your life!  You can find guides for almost any type of game hunting here at Realtree.

(1) There are hunting grounds that do not offer official goose hunting guides although they are self-styled guides. They are best at providing references, but the best sources for great hunting guides are hunters who have already been on countless hunts.  Opt for guides who are efficient and prioritize customer satisfaction.

(2) Be clear about what you want in a goose hunting guide. For a one day hunt, just opt for a day guide. But if you want to extend your hunting adventure for a week, just visit resorts or hunting retreats that offer full services which may include hunting. It is also helpful to choose a guide that compliments your hunting style. Be sure to let the goose hunting guide of any special requests or preference you have in hunting, this way they can gauge and adjust to your wants and needs in hunting.

(3) What to expect from goose hunting guides?

  • Early riser – starting his day at 4 a.m. or even earlier. This is necessary to make sure that you are settled at the selected place before dawn.
  • Always prepared – you can be assured that they have already scouted the area much before the actual date of the hunt, they’ve already prepared everything at the proper hour in the right location, and even set up the blinds much before the birds actually arrive.
  • They are certified experts – You no longer have to worry too much about the flight patterns of the geese, it’s one of areas they specialize in, including the locations where they can be found, and their feeding times during the day.

(4) Find a hunting service that provides or allows a refund when you have to cancel your hunting trip. Sometimes the best you can find are guides who refund a part of the expenses. There are others who reduce the expenses, give you big discounts if you ever re-book your next hunt with them.

(5) Some goose hunting guides have a wider set of expertise. Sometimes they also offer their services for hunting other wildlife such as wild hogs, duck, turkey or deer. You can sidestep this whole issue by going directly to a hunting retreat – like one of our favorites for Georgia hunting. Hunting retreats specialize in this kind of thing and usually are familiar and experienced with handling not only individuals but larger groups as well. If you’re looking for a group outing, that just might be the direction to go. And when you can schedule it in an overlapping season? Bonus!